Uber says it is "likely" to make a deal with competitor Waymo, the Google sister company that works on technology for self-driving cars. It is expected that it will be a license agreement to be allowed to use Waymo technology, because otherwise Uber will have to adjust its own autonomous driving software.

This possible adaptation to his software could "Uber" limit or delay production of technology for autonomous vehicles, "the company said in presenting its latest quarterly figures.

The judgment follows the judgment of an expert who has checked Uber's software. He did that as part of a settlement with Waymo in a lawsuit about the theft of trade secrets. A former Waymo employee would have taken intellectual property with him when he transferred to Uber.

The expert found that the company still uses Waymo technology in its software. According to Waymo, this shows that the "complaint that Uber has pushed back intellectual property is further confirmed".

It is unclear when Uber should make the decision about using a Waymo license at the latest. The company, which wants to use the technology for autonomous vehicles in its taxis and trucks, did not want to respond.