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Omar, the ore that responds to Abascal on Twitter: "You won't believe it, but you and I have similarities"


First he greets: "Hello, Santiago Abascal"; afterwards, he introduces himself: "My name is Omar, I was an ore"; and finally, shoot: "I will only tell you four things, I will be brief." Omar Slama is 30 years old

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First he greets: "Hello, Santiago Abascal"; afterwards, he introduces himself: "My name is Omar, I was an ore" ; and finally, shoot: "I will only tell you four things, I will be brief." Omar Slama is 30 years old and lives in Bilbao. He studied International Commerce and Marketing, has been working as a waiter during the summer season and is now unemployed. His could be the story of any young Basque, only in his case, his experience "goes for a book."

To Omar the nth mention of the president of Vox to the menas in campaign he pushed directly to the keyboard of his mobile: "You will not believe it, Santi but you and I have similarities, despite the enormous differences." His Twitter thread in which he summed up those things that linked him to Abascal has turned the networks around and has become for many the answer that nobody gave him in the debate to five.

"We have both grown up in nearby villages, you in Álava and I in Bizkaia, " the enumeration of Omar begins, "we live together the Basque conflict and, although you more than me, many of its repercussions. We have both studied in ikastolas and received the same education. "

Omar is Saharawi . He arrived in Bilbao at age 11 with the Holidays in Peace program , with which hundreds of children in the Sahara spend the summer in Spain with a host family. "It is different from what we know today as ore," he explains on the phone, "but in the end he is a child in a difficult age who runs away from a complicated situation and is far from his family."

Of the children who spend July and August with Spanish families, some stay, "mainly if they have a medical problem." It was the case of Omar. In a review, they found that he had a hernia in the abdominal wall. He was born by birth but growing in a worrying way, it was necessary to have him under observation. He never returned to the Sahara . His Basque host family was his true family from 11 to 25 years, "the most difficult age".

"With them I grew up, I passed the age of the turkey, I got my first girlfriend ... I have lived an absolutely normal life and they never knew me as a man, it was not a weirdo," he says. He does remember a particularly hard moment after the attacks of March 11 in Madrid: "They stopped me on the street and said: ' Hey you, Moroccan! '. I replied: 'I'm not Moroccan, I'm from the Sahara, learn to differentiate it. "

"Apart from ore, refugee and stateless person"

"In 20 years that I have been here I only remember having had a child fight, in the courtyard of a school," says Omar Abascal, " you were born with a Spanish ID and I got it a few months ago by crediting 10 years of legal residence and background clean clean, come on, flash. "

"I am not against ideologies," he explains to FCINCO, "I will never tell someone who does not vote for a party, what I want is to not start an electoral race with a theme that is a super sad reality." For him, the ores should be more protected by the state and less politicized: "In Spain the problem of immigration has come first to politics, and then to people."

"And since I see you complain so much," continues his thread on Twitter, "I will tell you that my mother was wounded with napalm shrapnel and white phosphorus by Moroccan aviation, fleeing when the Sahara, the 53rd province of Spain, had been sold Morocco overnight. " "I was seven months pregnant," he says, "luckily, both she and the fetus managed to survive and reach Algerian territory." After that adventure, Omar's older sister was born.

"Apart from mena, I was a refugee and stateless person," concludes the young Basque, a thread that, by the way, Abascal has not answered. "Politics must serve to bring good things, not to face society," he laments the telephone. For him, the criminalization of the ores has equivalents that the Vox leader would like less: "It's like saying that all Andalusians are lazy or that all Basques are terrorists . "

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