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The Chinese company continues to expand its product catalog. Phones, scooters, smart light bulbs, hair dryers, toothbrushes, computers ... and now, televisions.

The truth is that its competitors may start to be afraid, because the success of the products of the Chinese company is well known. His recipe is infallible: very tight prices and attractive benefits.

Xiaomi has been selling its televisions outside Spain for years, even two years ago, when it began to open its stores in the country, some of these televisions were on display. But it has not been until now when the Chinese company has decided to bring (finally) these equipment. The reason seems to be that Xiaomi wanted its TV to be compatible with the smart home and to disembark in Spain with the licenses of much of the streaming content platforms.

The exact date is not clear, since from Xiaomi they ensure that transport and customs require their time, so they may not arrive in time for Black Friday . A pity, because if we already add the typical Black Friday discounts to the already reduced prices of these TVs, the bargain could have been round.

What is special about Xiaomi TVs? Without a doubt, the price. From 179 euros , (the 32-inch device ) to 449 euros (55-inch 4K), Xiaomi presents three low-end and mid-range televisions compatible with virtually all current content options (Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Movistar +. ..).

My TV: features, availability and price

The jewel of the new Xiaomi TV catalog is the Mi TV 4S 55 '' , the 55-inch 4K HDR TV (3840 * 2160 resolution) that will hit stores for 449 euros. A more than decent screen with audio in the hands of two speakers of 10W DTS-HD & Dolby Audio, make, according to Xiaomi, that your TV is perfect to enjoy a true cinematic experience.

The truth is that at the price for which it is sold, it has quite interesting details beyond its technical specifications. For example, the command with voice activation or the integration of the TV with the other connected devices of the home. " We want TV to be the new smart home control center, " they say from the Chinese company.

The Mi TV 4S, both 55 and 43 inches, works with Android TV 9.0 allowing you to install applications from the Play Store on the TV and use other Google features such as Chromecast or your voice assistant, Google Assistant.

The control of the new televisions incorporates voice activation.

"At the moment, it is compatible with Google Home and its assistant , but we are working so that in the future it will also be with Alexa and other voice assistants. Users who have their devices connected to Mi Home (the smart home ecosystem of Xiaomi) can synchronize them with Google without any problem, "they explain.

The use of the TV as if it were a smart speaker is further enriched by checking that it is compatible with Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Neverthink, Redbull Tv, Movistar +, Rakuten tv, Atresmedia, RTVE, Filmin, "and more" .

Both the 4S model of 55 and 43 inches, share features and design, with a fairly thin panel and a metal foot without frills. The main difference between the two is the screen size and the audio, with 8W speakers at 43.

As for the price, the 55-inch Mi TV 4S will be sold for 449 euros, while the 43-inch 4S will sell for 349 euros.

The cheapest of the three, the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32-inch, also has internet connection and compatibility with all content platforms, in addition to working with Android 9.0 and Google Assistant.

The main differences with the 4S range lie in size, image quality (HD), audio (two 5W speakers), and design, since the 32-inch model is plastic, not metal.

This model will go on sale for 179 euros.

The three teams will arrive at stores in December, first, to the MiStores, Media Markt and PcComponentes , although from Xiaomi they assure that they will expand to more shops.

More mobiles

The presentation event of the new TVs has served Xiaomi to publicize its new phones, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T.

The new Note 10 becomes the star phone in the catalog of the Chinese company as it is the first terminal for sale with a camera of more than 100 Mpx. In addition, Xiaomi has thrown the house out of the window and equipped its phone with 5 rear lenses. A clear commitment to photography on a smartphone that will be on sale for 549 euros.

For its part, the Redmi Note 8T is framed in the low range (more by price than by components) with three models of 179 (3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage), 199 (4 and 64) and 249 euros (4 and 128). All of them have four cameras, one of them (the main one) of 48 megapixels.

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