Grouse in the Ponzano restaurant.

We selected several restaurants where to try this bird, distant cousin of the Spanish red partridge

This gallinaceous bird is a distant cousin of the Spanish red partridge , from the British Isles, especially Scotland. Characteristic of the autumnal season (its ban is lifted between August and September), it has a physiognomy quite similar to that of the grouse and its intense rapid power (depending on the faisandage to which it is submitted) reminiscent much of that of the scholarship.

The Well Appeared. Jorge Juan, 8. In this restaurant, José Manuel de Dios makes Scottish grouse accompanied by beet marinade (25 euros).

The good life. Count of Xiquena, 8. In the flirty dining room of Carlos Torres and Elisa Rodriguez you can try half grouse, with the breast marked to the pan, very little done, and the leg stewed in the oven (33 euros). It is one of the emblematic dishes of the place.

Disengage Paseo de la Habana, 84. Grilled Grouse, with sauce and braised cabbage. It is made with stewed and boneless thighs, prepared with polenta, with cumberland sauce and reduction of its own juice (40 euros; 20 euros half a serving).

Lakasa Discoverer Square Diego de Ordás, 11. An address for hunting enthusiasts where César Martín serves half grouse with green tomatillos cream and vermouth sauce (24.50 euros).

Dove. Jorge Juan, 39. Roasted and flambéed with whiskey, with ravioli stuffed inside and accompanied by mashed persimmon and chestnuts (30 euros).

Ponzano Ponzano, 12. In this food house, the Scottish red partridge or red grouse is made in two dishes: grilled breast and stewed thighs. To accompany, boletus and a chopped liver (24 euros).

Treze General Pardiñas, 34. The ration includes half grouse, with roasted breast and stewed thighs, and garnish of pasta and pate of their liver (24 euros).

Tricycle. Santa María, 28. Located in the heart of the Las Letras neighborhood, in this dining room you can try grilled half grouse with its reduced juice and autumn vegetables (32 euros; 20 euros, half ration).

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