Seth Meyers' stand-up show on Netflix gets a special button to skip Donald Trump jokes. The button is similar to the button that appears at the start of a series episode to skip the intro, the comedian tells CNN .

Meyers, who normally sits behind a desk for his American talk show Late Night , tells about his personal life in his Netflix show Lobby Baby . In his performance there is also a part in which he makes several jokes about Trump one after the other.

"It occurred to me that because it was on Netflix, there would be a possibility that people can skip this part," Meyers told CNN . "It's a way to respond to people who are going to say," Oh, let me guess: there are jokes about the president in it. "

According to Meyers, Netflix viewers should see the button as a joke on their own. The comedian does not suspect that people will actually start using the function as soon as Lobby Baby is available from Tuesday.