A former five-year-old nephew of the Attorney General, and now accused of embezzlement, was arrested yesterday. Professor Chung Kyung-sim was very upset because he tried to give up his sin to his five-year-old nephew.

I'm Bae Joon-woo.


The first trial of his former five-year-old nephew, Jo Mo, was completed in 20 minutes.

When Mr. Cho asked "to allow access to the entire prosecution investigation record," the prosecution discussed only the preparatory procedure, saying that "there is a possibility of extinction of evidence and that it will be possible before and after his arrest."

But after the trial, Mr. Cho's lawyers poured out strong dissatisfaction with Professor Chung Kyung-sim as if he had made a pity on reporters.

Mr. Cho's lawyer told Chung's argument, "Is Professor Chung Kyung-Sim overwhelming Joe when he is innocent?"

In the meantime, "I started to refute, I endured because I had no end." As a result, Professor Jung's strategy was not successful.

Professor Jung's strategy of throwing off sin on Mr. Cho failed to avoid redemption.

Earlier today, when the prosecution filed for a warrant for Chung's arrest, Professor Chung's lawyers claimed that the prosecution identified Professor Chung as Cho's.

Mr. Cho's lawyer also said, "From the very beginning, I expected Professor Chung to be a con artist."

The next trial for Mr. Joe will take place at 10 am on the 6th of next month.