October 26, 1979, Seoul
After numerous gunshots, former President Park Chung Hee died on the spot.

Former chief intelligence officer Kim Jae-gyu, who shot Park Jung-hee, descended to Busan a few days ago to witness the incident.

10 days before October 26, Busan on October 16
Chung Kwang-min, a second-year economic student at Pusan ​​National University, shared his declaration in the lecture room and shouted to go to the streets and fight against Yushin.

Several citizens joined Pusan ​​University students and the demonstrations spread to the nearby city of Masan.

It was a civil protest recorded on the 16th of October called as "Bumamo Democracy".

The number of confirmed protests has killed more than 1,500 people and 3 people.

Why did this conflict take place and what effect did it have on the October 26 issue?

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