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Amparito is the penultimate revelation arising from the underground capital. Four fast and furious girls who debuted this year with Clear Darkness . A brief artifact of punk cacharrero that they present this Friday, October 25 in Madrid (in the Wurlitzer Ballroom, within the Gures Is On Tour cycle) and on Saturday 26 at the Valencian festival Truenorayo. We speak with Olalla Uriarte , guitar and voice of these distant relatives of the riot grrrls noventeras.

Why Amparito? It was an internal joke. When someone screwed up in rehearsals, we always said, "Oh, Amparito!" And when we created the WhatsApp group, we gave it that name, thinking about changing it in the future. But people began to know us all like that. Even at work, they sometimes call me Amparito. In the end the thing had already transcended so much that we couldn't change it. Although we tried, huh? In fact, we thought a battery of names, but none exceeded the original. How was the band born? We wanted to live the music from another point of view, because we have always been to concerts a lot and we have been very related to that environment. We wanted to do something together, that was not just to drink rods. The first months, in 2016, were a bit of trial and error, until in 2017 we recorded a model to introduce ourselves to Hits With Tits , a compilation that aims to make women artists visible. And, surprisingly, they chose us. And from there it was all shot. We started playing on the radio, they called us from a festival and then the Mont Ventoux label appeared, which released our first elepe in 2019. In the end this has become something much more serious than we would have imagined. Everything has gone very fast Isn't that the feeling, but it has also been all very natural, without thinking too much. In the end we are playing almost every week, something we would never have imagined. Are there ampariters , fatal fans of Amparito? (Laughter) Well, there are amparetes , which would be the drunken version of the ampariters . Once, after a concert, some boys approached to tell us that they always listened to us with a few more beers. Do you remember your first concert in Madrid? Yes, it was April 21, 2017 at Café La Palma. Tickets were sold out, all our colleagues, family and co-workers came. As we had a very short repertoire, we opened our friend Betacam. It was very beautiful and exciting, very familiar. We always remember that night as if we had married all four. It would be the kind of party we would have set up. We have been much more nervous in other concerts than in the first one, because we really enjoyed it. And now you repeat in Wurlitzer Ballroom ... We have been told that we are the residents of the Wurli so many times that we have performed in that room. We have been many years as a public and continue to go almost every weekend. This is the fourth time there. One of the times we played with The Coathangers, who are from my favorite artists. When they called us to open them we couldn't believe it. After the concert, they offered us to tour with them in Europe but, of course, we have other jobs and we couldn't. I flipped, because they loved our songs. What do you think about the comparisons with them? As The Coathangers is a female trio, it may be a very obvious comparison ... Well, there are always similarities. But I think we are more like local bands like Futuro Terror or Biznaga than groups of girls like Las Odio or Hinds, with whom they compare us a lot, doing something very different. I've heard The Coathangers a lot, but also more pop things like Juniper Moon. Many times we are associated with people we have not even heard, such as Tenth Victim. The good thing is that you also discover music that you end up liking in the end. You have also been associated with Juanita and Los Feos or Las Vulpes ... We have heard very little about Las Vulpes, only the classics. But Juanita and Los Feos are ultrafans. It is a clear reference. In fact, we saw them a few days ago at their reunion concert at the Autoplacer festival, there are more and more female outfits like Las Odio, Agoraphobia or Cariño. Saving the sound differences between all, can we talk about new riot grrrls ? That happens because it keeps attracting attention. Festival fees are what they are. This summer we played in one in which we were the only girls on the poster. And it lasted two days. It is not so much that there is a point in common, as we are very few. And we are not all claiming either. I hate them, they make claims in their lyrics, but we don't do politics, although we are all feminists, of course. What versions are you playing right now? You're going to get annoyed , which is the song of The Shy ones that appears on the album; one from Nobunny called I Am A Girlfriend ; and All the palettes outside Madrid , of Seventh Seal. In your subject "Pain" you say: "What mania with being happy, we lack life for so much pain". Are you so bad? All the songs try to take weight from the daily hardships since the irony. We're really laughing at people who are bitter all day. Those kind of people who have so much to complain about that they don't get into one life. Killers is a criticism of real estate speculators ... Yes, it is the only political issue on the record. I am from Ponferrada (León) and they have destroyed my city and it left my soul. But it is a problem that can be extrapolated to many small towns throughout Spain. It also has to do with the housing problem that we are suffering here in Madrid, which affects us at four. Right now we are all living in the center and I think we are the last ones we are going to meet. As soon as our contracts are over, in two or three years, we will have to move to the outskirts, as has happened to 90% of our friends. It's very sad. How is your relationship with the haters of social networks? Social networks are essential for a musician today, but fortunately we have no haters . But I do remember an article on the Jenesaispop website in which the editor defined us as punk and a good one fell to the poor, because many said we were not punk or that we had copied people we didn't even know. I don't care about the definition. I feel comfortable playing what I like. Well, you do punk ... But there are people very closed in any environment. And in an era like this one in which you can like a little of everything and be inspired by a thousand genres, it seems very poor to define you in a certain way. But it does not affect us. They also told us that we are not punk because we are not a political band ... The Ramones were not politicians and they were the parents of punk. The editor then published another article arguing that punk groups formed by boys would never have been questioned for that. There you realize certain things that happen even very often just for being a girl.

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What: Amparito. Madrid: Friday, October 25 (from 10 p.m.), at Wurlitzer Ballroom (Tres Cruces, 12); 10-13 euros. Valencia: Saturday, October 26 (from 7 p.m.), at Festival Truenorayo (room La Mutant; Juan Verdeguer, 16); 8-15 euros. More information:

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