Some of the students at Inheon-gu, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, have been asked to thank the Board of Education for their biased political ideas. Hundreds of conservative members were added to the student press conference.

Reported by Park Chan-bum.


Students from the Inchon High School Student Guard Association held a press conference in front of the school.

[Kim, Hwarang / Inheon High School Student Protection Association Representative: Students have been exposed to numerous thought-injection educations that they have tolerated so far.]

Students insisted that teachers write phrases that encourage half-day feelings in marathon competitions, and branded 'ilves' to students who answered unsolicited teachers.

[Cho Mo-Gun / Inheon High School Student Guard Association: In front of many students, insult her friend, 'You are Benny?' ]

The Student Guardian Association is a club with about 40 out of 530 students.

The backlash of students who disagree with their claims also broke out.

[Inheon high school student: Oh nasty really! Don't lie!]

Hundreds of conservative group members were added to the press conference, claiming that the KTU provided political bias education.

The school countered that there was no ideological education.

[Na Seung-pyo / Principal, Inheon High School: We are pursuing universal value education and faithfully fulfilling the purpose of education that respects various ideas of students.]

In response to requests for students to audit the school's political biased education, the DOE will conduct a fact-finding and decide whether to switch audits.

(Video Editing: Jeon Minkyu)