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From now on WhatsApp will include a new option so that nobody can add you to a group you don't want to be in, as long as you first bothered to set it up.

This function takes a long time in the test period and has only been available for those who are 'testers' of WhatsApp, that is, those who are testing the new features of the app before they reach their bulk of users. After a short beta test period, now those who update the service can manage their groups a little better .

The operation is simple. In the category of WhatsApp settings, within the section that determines your level of privacy, you can configure three options for inclusion in WhatsApp groups : that they automatically add you, that only contacts you have in your calendar can add you or that they can only Add those people you want.

At the moment, there is no way to restrict the option entirely , although this is something that does exist in the 'Business' version of WhatsApp dedicated to professional organizations. It is not ruled out that this option reaches general application, since during its trial period it was available as such.

WhatsApp constantly updates its operation and, although it can go in options behind alternatives such as Telegram , it has recently included new features such as password lock of individual chats. Among the changes that are about to arrive, it soon seems that messages can be sent that delete themselves after a certain time.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is also full of bad ideas, which are not the result of the authors of the application, but of some users who consider funny a chat as "child pornography" and invite people to block the company's algorithms. those accounts. With this new option to block chat invitations, it would be possible to avoid this joke so heavy and dangerous.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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