The US Air Force tests encrypted internet services via the SpaceX satellite network. The findings of the first customer of the satellite project were explained on Tuesday evening by top lady Gwynne Shotwell to Reuters, among others.

This is the Starlink project, in which SpaceX wants to bring up to 30,000 satellites into orbit to offer internet worldwide. The proceeds are used to finance SpaceX's space projects.

The US Air Force started testing in early 2018 to bring internet to the cockpit of its aircraft via the SpaceX network. In these tests, a connection of 610 mb per second with a transport aircraft would have been established.

The project is part of a US $ 28 million (over $ 25 million) tender by the US Air Force, and the results are also used to further improve the satellite network.

SpaceX hopes to offer its internet service to consumers in 2020.