The court just issued a warrant for his wife's wife, Professor Kyung Kyung Shim. Let's go to the court first.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo. (Yes, it is in the Seoul Central District Court.) Yes, the court finally issued a warrant. Why did the court say?


Yes, the court issued a warrant of arrest for Professor Chung Kyung-Shim at about 20:20 am today.

Professor Jung, who was waiting for the results at the Seoul detention center, will be held for prosecution for up to 20 days.

Deputy Chief Justice Song Kyung-ho, who was in charge of the warrant, said, “We need to be arrested because a large part of the crime is called out and there is concern about extinction of the evidence.”

At the screening yesterday, Chung proactively denied the 11 charges prosecuted by the prosecution, as well as the factual and legal aspects, but the court found that most of his charges were fully recognized.

In addition, the court appears to have determined that even if Chung was diagnosed with a cerebral infarction and a brain tumor, he would have no difficulty in undertaking an investigation.


Yes, prosecution investigation will gain some momentum if a warrant is issued.


Yes, there has been a lot of criticism that the prosecution is overinvestigating, including the political circles.

As the court today acknowledged the prosecution's allegations, the future investigation will gain momentum.

In particular, it is suspected that the former minister was directly or indirectly involved in at least four charges, including the creation of false official documents, out of the 11 charges applied to Professor Chung.

The prosecution is expected to begin full-fledged investigation into the involvement of former Minister Cho as soon as Professor Chung is imprisoned.