To the majority you say the name of Oriana Marzoli and neither it sounds nor knows where it comes from, but for the followers of realities and young people hooked to Women, Men and vice versa , it is one of Mediaset's 'greats'. Participant in all Telecinco realities, collaborator, Chilean television contestant, tronista, ex tronista, etc. Oriana Marzoli is one of the best known faces in the circle of the friendly chain .

Always controversial in the competitions he has participated, Oriana Marzoli has become a trend not for his last barrabasada in GH VIP or Save Me or Women, Men and Vice versa , but for his opinions on the situation and the disturbances experienced in Catalonia after the ruling of the you process .

In a video posted on her Instagram account, the collaborator begins by talking about the crisis that Chile is experiencing in recent days and her total condemnation of the violence that is being experienced in the country. It is speaking of Chile, when Oriana Marzoli falls to Catalonia.

"Na justifies the violence, I'm sorry. And the same goes for the situation Catalonia is currently experiencing. Nothing more to say." However, Oriana Marzoli did have much more to say. After receiving numerous criticisms for condemning the violent, but not the State Security Forces and Bodies, Oriana, very angry, continued her explanation.

"And on top of that I have to endure being told 'what about police violence?'. I say that someone will have to stop the criminal acts that some of you are committing because I don't know something that in Spain seems to me that a hard hand is needed, curfew , the people in his house and the military on the street. It's over. We are not going to let them destroy the city, the country, or anything. Who are you to commit all these acts? You wanted my opinion, because here you have it " .

The hardness of his words have made networks react by turning Oriana Marzoli into a trend. Opinions, from the favorable ones to the independentistas who accuse her of covering up the police violence, to those who ask her not to get so angry or who take her in a mess.

"Muse of the Rule of Law. Epitome of democracy. Owner of my heart," said a tweeter. "He has all the fucking reason in the world," says another. "Who the hell is this aunt?" , another user asks. "But if she contradicts herself with her attempts at argumentation. It seems that they have opened your skull and loaded you inside," says another tweeter.

Oriana Marzoli has 1.8 million followers worldwide with what her opinion, despite having uploaded to an Instagram stories and is no longer available, has caused a stir.

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