Former Attorney General's wife, Chung Kyung-Sim, was arrested today (24th). The court acknowledged the need for arrest, saying he was charged with a large number of crimes and fears the destruction of evidence in the course of the investigation.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reports.


The court issued a warrant of arrest for Professor Chung Kyung-Shim at about 20:20 AM.

Deputy Chief Judge Song Kyung-ho, who was in charge of the arrest warrant, said, "The charges of the crime were largely called," he explained.

Chung is the second of his former attorney generals to be arrested after his five-year-old nephew.

Earlier, the prosecution filed a court with a arrest warrant for Professor Chung just 55 days after the public investigation.

The prosecution applied 11 charges regarding his daughter's entrance exam corruption, private equity investment and suspicion of extinction.

Professor Chung said yesterday that he actively countered not only the facts but also the legal aspects of the charges listed on the warrant.

But the court found that most of the charges the prosecution claimed were called to some degree.

In the prosecution's investigation over the past two months, the issue of a warrant of arrest for Professor Chung has been considered the largest watershed in the investigation.

After the arrest warrant was issued, the candlelight rally participants who gathered around the prosecutor's office in Seocho-dong and called for the dismissal of the arrest warrant continued to protest late at night.