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A 30-year-old instructor who went around college and stole dozens of laptops in the classroom was sentenced to jail.

The Criminal Justice, the Seoul Eastern District Court, today said he was sentenced to one year in prison for a 32-year-old Kim Mo, who was sentenced to the day for the invasion of a habitual nighttime building invasion.

Kim, who has worked as a lecturer, was handed over to Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi University from December 2018 to May this year for stealing laptops worth $ 339 million. Kim was known to have committed the crime when he could not afford to use his debentures.

Mr. Kim committed crimes mainly in school break rooms, conference rooms, and lecture halls. He also opened the locker and stealed his laptop. But in a day, the crime grew bold, like stealing four laptops from different places, and eventually caught a tail.

In addition, Kim committed a crime in a similar way. He was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison last year in the Incheon District Law.

The court explained, "It is disadvantageous to commit this crime during the crime period after being punished for the same crime." .

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