A new apartment in Haeundae-gu, Busan, was in controversy.

Residents of A apartment in Haeundae-gu, which Doosan E & C recently constructed, hold a daily rally insisting on construction work in front of their apartments. In an apartment that started moving in early February of this year, less than a year later, molds and rainwater leaked around the house.

The resident of the apartment, A, said yesterday (22) that out of 353 households, more than 200 households have been leaked by households.

One resident said, "From the beginning of the year, mold damage has occurred in about 70 households, and the damage has increased to about 200 households due to the typhoon." Is there. "
Doosan E & C said, "The leak was concentrated a month ago." It is estimated that the fall storm hole has flowed back due to the fall of the typhoon in the autumn. I explained it.

However, the damages demanded by the residents were avoided by saying, "It is a matter for discussion later."

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(Photo: Facebook captor Ha Tae-kyung)