Snapchat added about seven million daily active users in the third quarter of 2019, according to the quarterly results published by parent company Snap on Tuesday (pdf). The total thus comes to 210 million.

In the third quarter of 2018, Snapchat still had 186 million daily users. The new figures amount to an increase of 13 percent in one year. Analysts had previously expected Snapchat to have 206.6 million users.

In 2018, the company saw millions of people drop out, but now Snapchat is beyond the blow. Earlier this year, Snap released a new version of its Android app to attract more users in developing areas.

Among other things, Snapchat sees the popularity of Discover grow. Media partners can post their videos on this page. According to Snap, users watch 40 percent more videos than a year ago. In the past three months, more than ten million people watched over one hundred Discover channels.

Snap's turnover in the last three months amounted to 446 million dollars (401 million euros). Sales in the same period were 298 million dollars a year earlier. The operating loss decreased from $ 325 million to $ 227 million.