The court's arrest warrant for tomorrow's wife will be held tomorrow morning. Let's connect a court reporter to learn more.

If Ahn Sang-woo and Professor Chung Kyung-Sim are scheduled for a warrant tomorrow, will they be in front of the press for the first time since the investigation began?


Yes, Chung Kyung-Sim, professor of Dongyang University, will attend the Seoul Central District Court here at 10:30 am tomorrow for a warrant for arrest.

Professor Jung's lawyer told reporters a few days ago that Professor Chung will attend tomorrow's screening. Chung has been at the prosecution seven times and has been investigated six times, but they were all private and never been on the photoline. .

Therefore, if Professor Chung attends the screening normally, he will appear on the photo line for the first time tomorrow.


It's going to take quite some time until the results come out tomorrow. Which judge was going to take the warrant tomorrow?


Yes, the Seoul Central District Court has four warrants for each warrant, and a random dividend is made for each case.

Representative cases in which the judge judged the warrants issued a warrant of arrest for Chong Yun, who was called the `` police chief '' in the Burning Sun case, and in May, Kim Tae-han, who was accused of destroying evidence in Samsung Biologics's accounting accounting. Samsung Bio has also decided to dismiss a warrant for arrest.

Unfortunately, Mr. Song has the same name as the 3rd Attorney General of the Central Prosecutor, Song Kyung-ho, who is in charge of the investigation team.

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