A magnet fishing enthusiast brought Sunday a mortar shell in his car in front of the police station in Nantes, where the deminers were called in emergency to take charge, was learned Monday from of the police.

An 81 mm shell

The fisherman arrived Sunday at 18:30, place Waldeck Rousseau in Nantes, to declare having fished this shell, stating "to have transported on the spot in his vehicle". He had just caught it near the police station in the Erdre. The police immediately alerted the demining service that came to take charge of the 81 mm "no incident" shell. The intervention ended at 19:35.

The police of Nantes reminds that in case of discovery of an explosive device, it is necessary to call 17 and especially not to "handle the suspect and / or explosive device". "Only deminers of the Civil Security are authorized to proceed with the recovery or the destruction of explosive devices military or artisanal". The police say that "any explosive device, even rusty and old, remains dangerous, and regularly serious accidents due to the handling of old ammunition occur".