The social network Instagram has removed photographs of a Galician cooker for "violating community norms" that include "graphic violence, language that incites harassment, violence and bullying or sexual activity" , denounced the Vigo who published the image, Richard Barreira

Chickpeas , vegetables , meat , sausages and wine , as they were on the table when they were served, were the foods that could be seen in the photos of the "first cooked of the season" at the user's mother's house, a publication that He shares annually without having had a similar problem before .

"It seems incredible. There will be no restaurants, cooks and cooks on Instagram who put their delicacies . You can see three hundred publications of food, hamburgers," Barreira denounces.

The affected person shared the publication this Sunday at noon and in the afternoon it had already been deleted and the reasons mentioned above were presented.

He does not know if a particular person denounced the publication, since the social network did not transfer further explanations , but if so, he seems "surreal", since "no matter how much a person denounces there must be someone who says that the user is right ".

"Let's see if someone here in Galicia defends theirs," says Richard Barreira, who to spread the situation, shared what happened with social media accounts such as "Culture" of the Xunta de Galicia or "Galician Cooked."

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