President Moon Jae-in talked about fair yesterday (22) and mentioned expansion of assignment. The Ministry of Education has said it has no plans to expand on time, and the policy stance is inevitable.

This is reporter Park Chan Beom.


The recommendation for this year's 2020 school enrollment is 20%, and it should be increased to more than 30% from 2022 during the public debate last year.

Unfair controversy was heated after the allegation that his former daughter had passed the Korea National University screening screening at the time of his first paper.

The Ministry of Education stated that it is a task to settle the 30% target already proposed and there is no further timely expansion.

[Yun Eun-hye / Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of Education: I don't think that adjusting the ratio of punctual and occasional can solve the problem of injustice, privilege, social disparity, etc.]

But when the president mentioned 'expanding time' on his own, the Ministry of Education immediately set out to revise the plan.

Deputy Prime Minister Yu Eun-hye said yesterday that "the proportion will be more than 30% on-time from the school year 2022."

It is expected to include 13 universities including Seoul National University and Korea University.

On-time expansion may apply from the coming 2022 school year, when no transfer is yet to be confirmed.

However, there are concerns that changing the assignment policy too often will confuse students and parents.

[Sang Hoon Bae / Professor, Department of Education, Sungkyunkwan University: Establishment and implementation of education policy should be carried out strictly according to education theory or education logic.

Substitution reorganization plans, including on-time expansion, will be announced next month.