Karim Ben Kelifa, a wartime journalist who has covered civil wars around the world for 18 years, decides to bring the war behind. It is a common strand of human beauty left in the hearts of combatants who aim their guns at each other.

In The Enemy, a work using virtual reality and augmented reality, the audience walks into the midst of two 'enemies' who fought against each other. There you will hear stories of combatants from the Israeli, Palestinian, Democratic Republic of Congo and members of the El Salvador gang.

The story of the two soldiers who fought in the war-the story of the two enemies is no different. Who made them each other?

Karim asks. "If I was on the other side, wouldn't it be you?"

● Karim Ben Khelifa / Photographer, American Documentary Innovation Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Advisor for Center for Advanced Virtuality, Conflict Area Soldiers interviewed 'The Enemy (Ever Project) 'Production http://theenemyishere.org/

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