Ahn Eun-mi, the representative dancer of Korea, has been attracting attention in the world dance industry for 30 years with a breakthrough dance that breaks the existing conventions. Ahn Eun-mi, who has been obsessed with 'the natural history of dance' by people who lived on earth, including ordinary gestures, grandmothers 'dances, disabled people's dances, and mothers' sons who lost their sons in the army, Prove it with life and work.

-Representative works: [Dance to ancestors], [Ill be irresponsible for my uncle], [Selfless], [Relieved], [Surprise], Bari], [Let me change your name], [Ahn Eun-mi's drum. One dance] etc.

If you want to dance with Eun-mi Ahn, see you at SDF2019 at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on October 31!

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