The Dutch anti-piracy foundation BREIN has taken a major Russian supplier of illegal downloads for films and series, according to a press release. The website,, was hosted at five different Dutch server complexes.

The owners of the servers have been forced by court order to cease their cooperation with Moonwalk, otherwise they will receive a fine of 10,000 euros a day. In addition, if they did not share customer data with BREIN, they were fined 2,500 euros per hour.

According to BREIN, Moonwalk would be responsible for the delivery of illegal works to around 80 percent of all illegal streaming websites in Russia. These would be sites that together have more than 90 million unique visitors per month.

Moonwalk is said to have shared a database with 26,000 films and ten thousand television series with the sites. In the meantime, only the text " Takedown by Brein. This service will NEVER be up again " can be read on the website.

For this promotion, BREIN worked together with the Movie Picture Association (MPA) and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), an international umbrella organization that fights piracy for the entertainment industry.

The promotion hit three Dutch web hosting companies and two Russian companies with servers in the Netherlands.