A young motorist with no or few claim-free years spends almost twice as much on premiums after car damage. In addition, it is often more difficult for a young driver with damage to switch from a car insurer, writes comparison site Geld.nl on Monday.

The average premium for an eighteen-year-old driver increases to € 265 in the event of damage, while the premium without damage is € 138, according to the research. According to Geld.nl, this is because you fall back for five damage-free years, so young drivers often end up in the negative figures early. As a result, they end up with a higher premium.

And that is unfair, Geld.nl writes. "Young drivers are already paying considerably more premiums, because they simply pose a greater risk. But if you are unlucky that you are driving damage, it is therefore even more unfair to double the expensive premium", Amanda writes. Bulthuis van Geld.nl. "The intention of insuring is that all insured persons together bear the claim burden, but in this way the bill is very much with the novice driver."

Due to the negative claim-free years, it is practically impossible for young drivers to switch from car insurer. Of the sixteen car insurance policies that Geld.nl investigated, only four did not immediately reject a young driver with negative claim-free years.