Facebook does not yet include augmented reality (AR) in its first smart glasses, reports Bloomberg news agency on Monday. The first version also lacks glasses that also serve as small screens. The glasses, which, according to the news site, will be on the market in 2021 at the earliest, will resemble the Spectacles sunglasses of competitor Snap.

With augmented reality, a virtual layer can be laid over reality. In this way, wearers could see on their glasses, for example, who is calling them or which route they should follow.

In September it was announced that Facebook is developing smart glasses. According to CNBC News , Facebook is collaborating with the company behind glasses brand Ray-Ban. The American news channel spoke of glasses that also serve as a screen, but mentioned the year 2023.

Apple would also work on its own smart glasses, which must be equipped with applications for augmented reality. The AR glasses should be on the market in 2020, Bloomberg predicted two years ago.

Snap, which focuses on augmented reality with its social medium Snapchat through lenses, launched its first Spectacles glasses in 2016. The sunglasses are equipped with a camera lens to record short videos.

Other tech companies are also working on the technology, which some see as the follow-up to smartphones. Google launched its Google Glass in 2013. Microsoft has also developed its own smart glasses: the HoloLens. Both products are currently only used for the business market.