Thousands of security cameras from China are still in use at military bases and other government agencies in the United States, despite a ban imposed last year. That writes The Wall Street Journal Saturday.

More than 2,700 prohibited cameras would still be in use, according to research by Forescout, a research agency that makes an inventory of which devices are connected to government networks. In reality, the number would be even higher, because Forescout does not have access to all devices.

The US Congress introduced new legislation last year. This prohibited government agencies from purchasing new equipment from certain Chinese companies. The companies include Hangzhou Hikvision Digital, owned by the Chinese government, and a private company called Dahua.

The rules were adjusted due to concerns that the cameras had leaks that could be exploited by the Chinese government. Organizations in the US are no longer allowed to buy new equipment, nor are they allowed to renew current contracts with manufacturers.

According to former IT executives of the US government, organizations do not remove the equipment quickly because it is expensive and complicated to replace it with other systems.

The Chinese manufacturers say they are doing everything they can to comply with US rules. Whether the cameras have actually been abused is unknown.