Doesn't it give the feeling that they only become fashionable and create opinion about the things that would embarrass without hesitation to our parents, grandparents and other ancestors? Life-threatening viral challenges, satin encephalogram and music youtubers that would improve a wombat of having an opposable thumb and access to autotune ...

Well today we have to see another one of those " trends " that give life to the Internet and unfortunately take the pulse of our society, it is All Fours Running . The return of the human being to nature, leaving the outdated bipedism and walking around the world like our ancestors, on all fours.

Because that's what the All Fours Running is about: walking, jogging or running on our four limbs, trying to keep, in one way or another, always the column parallel to the ground, as most quadrupeds carry it. We will lose comfort, visibility, and speed, but, well, we will be closer to beings as noble as pack animals, Tarzan, or the evil of Multiple .

The fact is that this practice is not completely unknown. At some point someone dodged the abusers of the neighborhood, and other extreme factors that normally deter these bizarre behaviors and became sports . In fact, there are already top athletes in this modality, which has its own Guinness record . Kenichi Ito , from Tokyo, lifted the award in 2015 after beating the fastest 100-meter world brand galloping at 20 nails. It is not that the Japanese achieved a higher mark than a common athlete (who only runs with both legs), but hey, time to time. Wait for these quadrupeds to discover sneakers for hands.

For many, the true champion of this "sport" or type of ride? It was and always will be Ayla Kirstine , the Norwegian woman who went viral on Twitter a few months ago after presenting some videos in which she was seen enjoying a walk and morning skirts on all fours. It's nice to see her ride.

But Ayla Kirstine was not the first. Yes, it occurred to someone before going with a high coccyx and a snout stuck to the ground expressing his most intimate equine being. Anna Salander already showed us a few years ago, and we must recognize that she does well and that, for some incomprehensible reason, she seems happy.

Ayla Kirstine was not the first but it will not be the last. The four legs are all over the hype . Not perhaps with as much repercussion as its ancestral variant in the Kama-sutra , but giving a talk in the media. Not long ago, the program Exposing Infidels , another one of those morbid jewels that YouTube gives us, left us an unlikely scene.

As in any kind of reality show , the fact seems scripted. However, with the appropriate decontextualization edited by some genius, the networks burned in confusion and unease. Can you know what this guy does?

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