The founders of the right-wing extremist forum 8chan intend to bring the forum back under a new name: 8kun. Administrators of old sub forums are called on Twitter to report to have their so-called board moved to the new site.

This year the 8chan forum was placed under a magnifying glass because users of the site would rush each other to commit attacks. On 8chan several times manifests of people were identified as perpetrators of deadly shootings.

For example, the man who shot 22 people in Texas at the beginning of August left a message. Suspects of the attacks on mosques in New Zealand and a synagogue in California were also active on 8chan.

A day after the attack in Texas, the forum was taken offline, partly because American companies pulled their hands off the company. New Zealand administrator Jim Watkins was summoned to testify in the United States. He stated in a statement that 8chan will and will continue to defend the free word.

The new forum is not yet online at this time. It is also not clear when that will happen. It is striking that the site is registered with Tucows, the company that suspended 8chan in August, VICE writes. The provider has not yet responded to questions.

The word "kun" is used in Japan to refer to a teenage boy, while "chan" is for children.

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