The Netherlands must quickly invest more in artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence, or AI). This is stated in an action plan that was presented to the room on Tuesday by State Secretary Mona Keijzer of Economic Affairs and Climate. Both the government and companies must double their investments in AI if it is up to the government.

The cabinet is already investing 64 million in artificial intelligence in 2019, and this amount must be doubled in the Keijzer action plan from next year. This should ensure that the Netherlands remains competitive, says Keijzer:

“AI is already radically changing our world. We must ensure that we are not lived by this technology, but that we make it work for us. With this coordinated government approach, we lay the foundation for a good contribution from AI to our society, jobs and income and we ensure that the Netherlands remains an innovative leader. ”

The money must be used to increase knowledge of artificial intelligence in the first place. According to the action plan, civil servants must be able to take courses on AI and research must also be done on how AI can help the government, from defense to health care.

The action plan must also ensure that human rights are safeguarded in the development of AI. That is why a study is being commissioned by the government into the impact of AI on public values. In addition, algorithms must be monitored. For example in recruitment and selection, to combat discrimination on the labor market.

It is up to entrepreneurs and companies

Not only the government must invest in AI, but companies must also accelerate when it comes to the development of artificial intelligence. For start-ups, but also for SMEs, more funds and financing must be provided to allow room for the development of AI.

According to the State Secretary's action plan, public and private investment must grow to 2 billion euros over the next seven years in order to remain competitive with other AI countries.