Microsoft reported on its own official blog on Friday that a hackers' group, presumably led by the Iranian government, was trying to gain access to accounts of a US presidential candidate in August and September.

The hacking attempt is known by Microsoft as Phosphorous or APT35. Which presidential candidate is involved, the software company has not announced. The hackers group also wanted to see files from the American government, political journalists and prominent Iranians living outside of Iran.

In total, more than 2,700 attempts were made to infiltrate into 241 accounts. Hackers have succeeded in at least four accounts. Those accounts would not play a role in the US presidential election of 2020.

The group used public information and phone numbers of the victims to retrieve passwords, then reset them and take over the account. In addition, so-called user recovery accounts were taken over.

Microsoft says it has taken legal action against the hacker group and has deployed its own digital team to stop more cyber attacks.


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