Instagram introduces a new feature that allows users to have responses from specific people removed. Instagram writes in a blog that the new feature must ensure that users can exclude bullies.

According to Instagram, many young people suffer from online bullying, including on Instagram. Users can already block others, but according to Instagram this is a step too far for some, because they deal with these people on a daily basis. For example at school.

With the Restrict function a user can ensure that someone who leaves unwanted reactions can only see these reactions themselves. So the other person can still view the account and post comments, but all other users no longer see his or her responses.

The owner of the account can still see someone who has the status Restrict post a comment, but the message will only be visible if the user taps it. The owner of the account can then choose to ignore, approve or delete the comment.

Also, personal messages from others with such status no longer automatically end up in the inbox. These are added to message requests.