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Almost a year after throwing in the towel with Windows Phone, Microsoft will return to mobile telephony. He will do it at the end of next year with an amazing device whose prototype he has shown today at an international event in New York City. It is a double screen phone that will be known as Surface Duo and that against all odds will not use the Windows operating system, but an Android version.

Although Microsoft has not advanced any technical features of it, the format will be similar to that of a paperback book and although the operating system is from Google, the company will include several unique applications and services, designed to better integrate its operation with conventional computers.

Surface Neo

It will not be the only dual screen device of the company. More or less on the same date will launch Surface Neo , a larger and equipped version, yes, with a special version of the Windows 10 operating system that will be known as Windows 10X and will be focused on the simultaneous use of two screens.

The device will have as an accessory a physical keyboard that can be placed on one of the two touch screens. In doing so, a part will become a tool touch bar or a virtual trackpad, depending on the position of the keys.

Without the keyboard, users will be able to use the two screens to view applications in expended size or transfer information between different applications. Surface Neo will also be compatible with a digital pointer with which you can write freehand or draw on both screens - like the rest of the Surface range - and weigh approximately 600 grams . Although it folds thanks to a hinge it is not a device with a folding screen, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. But two screens joined by an advanced hinge mechanism.

New laptops

These two devices have subtracted some prominence to an almost complete renovation of the Surface range and in which there have also been some surprises.

Microsoft will launch in the coming months the third generation of its Surface Laptop laptops, which will be available in two sizes for the first time: 13 and 5 inches of screen. The company has stressed that these are three times more powerful machines than its direct competitor, Apple's Macbook Air.

Microsoft will maintain in them a USB-A port and a proprietary charging port that will be able to recharge 80% of the laptop's battery in an hour. The machine will also feature a Ryzen graphics processor made exclusively for Microsoft by AMD and can be easily opened to exchange components. A common criticism of competing laptops.

The new computers will be sold at a price that starts at $ 999 for the 13-inch model and $ 1,199 for the 15-inch model.

The company has also presented the seventh generation of Surface tablets, which will finally have USB-C ports and that will maintain the design of the current generation, although with more efficient processors and new functions for the digital pointer, such as the ability to write to hand in Excel spreadsheets. These tablets will start at $ 749 price.

More interesting will be the new Surface Pro X, a new tablet of only 7.3 mm. thick that will use a processor developed by the company itself in collaboration with Qualcomm and based on ARM architecture.

This new tablet will use the full version of the Windows 10 operating system, will have a 13-inch screen with a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels and will have a user-exchangeable SSD memory module.

Like the rest of Surface devices it will have a keyboard that will work as a cover for the screen and that will be sold as an accessory. The new keyboard also includes a hole for the digital pointer that is hidden when used in the mode that mimics a laptop.

The new tablet will cost $ 999 in its basic configuration and will be available in November.


As a complement to these new machines, Microsoft has also announced its first independent wireless headphones with button design, the Surface Buds .

These headphones include noise cancellation and a dictation system that integrates with Office tools. Its surface is tactile, which will allow you to control the volume or skip playback with just a few touches on the surface.

The headphones include a carrying case with 24 hours of battery in which they are recharged when they are not in use. They will cost $ 249 before taxes. The company has not yet provided the price in euros or the date of availability in Europe.

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