Microsoft renews its Surface Laptop with larger screens and a refreshed appearance. The Surface Laptop 3 will be available in screen sizes of 13.5 inches with an Intel chip and 15 inches, which is equipped with the Ryzen 7 chip from AMD.

The laptop will be available in a version made entirely of aluminum. There will also be a version that, just like previous generations, has a layer of Alcantara dust around the keyboard. The battery must already be charged for 80 percent in less than an hour, via the magnetic charger. For the first time a USB C port is available on the side, in addition to a USB A port.

Under the keyboard is a replaceable hard drive, in addition to an AMD Ryzen 7 chip specially designed for the Surface. Microsoft promises to double the speed compared to the Surface Laptop 2, which appeared two years ago, as well as greatly improved graphics performance.

In the United States, the laptops will be released on October 22. The 13.5-inch model costs at least $ 999 and the 15-inch model is sold for $ 1,199. Dutch details are not yet known.

Surface Pro 7 with detachable keyboard

Microsoft also announced the seventh version of the Surface Pro. The laptop with detachable keyboard is also equipped with a USB C port, instead of the earlier Mini DisplayPort.

The design remains the same, with a 12.3-inch screen and a fold-out stand that makes it possible to use the Surface Pro 7 in different positions.

The Surface Pro 7 is also available in the US from October 22 for prices starting at $ 749.

Wireless earbuds with microphone

Following the example of companies such as Apple and Samsung, Microsoft has developed its own wireless earplugs. The Surface Earbuds focus on business applications, such as dictation of e-mails and Word documents.

The microphones in the relatively large earplugs must be able to filter ambient noise well, so that the wearer is correctly understood. By swiping over the earplugs, the volume can be adjusted, among other things, or music apps such as Spotify can be operated.

The Surface Earbuds offer support for sixty languages, and it is also possible to hear a translation directly between two of those languages. The Surface Earbuds appear before the end of the year, for 249 dollars.

It is unclear whether the earbuds will be sold in the Netherlands, what they will cost in that case and whether Dutch will be supported.