Google has introduced a feature that allows users to view if they use secure passwords. The incognito mode for Google Maps is also being rolled out.

The Google password manager will be added to the account page of Google users from Wednesday. The option was previously used as an extension in the Chrome browser.

With Password Checkup, users can find out if their passwords have been leaked. The function also warns if a password is used for multiple websites and if a password is found to be too weak.

Later this year, Google will make Password Checkup a regular feature within Chrome. When that happens is still unclear.

Do not save data in Google Maps

Google announced even more privacy features. For example, the company makes the incognito mode available for Google Maps. This feature was already presented at the Google I / O conference in May and will be available for Android this month. The mode appears "soon" for iOS.

The incognito mode does not save searches for streets, cities, and businesses. Users also receive no personal recommendations in this mode.

On YouTube, it is also possible to have location history and web and app activity automatically deleted. Users can indicate that YouTube history of three months and older (or eighteen months and older) should be automatically deleted. According to Google, this concerns both search and viewing history.