The US consumer protection agency FTC has sued the operator of dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid for alleged user misrepresentation. The parent company Match Group exposed users to fraud risk, such as fake profiles and false news, the FTC said. According to information that other users are interested in their own person, have come from fake accounts. This in turn used Match to increase the subscription numbers.

"We believe that has cheated users by turning them into buy-ins via news from scammers," the FTC said. The consumer advocates also accuse the operator that allegedly free extensions of the subscription ultimately cost money because the terms of use were not clear enough.

According to US Consumer Protection Lawyers, match platform users opted for nearly 499,700 paid subscriptions between June 2016 and May 2018 within 24 hours of receiving such positive feedback on their profile. However, the users have not been informed that false profiles and fake news are on the platforms.

Match described the lawsuit as "completely unfounded". The company will do everything possible to combat it. The match said Match offered just under 55 million euros to settle the case. But no agreement was reached with the FTC. According to the company, the FTC action only took place after the Ministry of Justice rejected civil-law investigations.