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Today we bring you a couple of tricks not suitable for obsessive, paranoid and jealous but that, however, can be very useful for parents concerned with teenage children who spend everything: how to easily know and with a single glance which of your WhatsApp contacts are online at all times and how to know when and how much your contacts connect throughout the day.

Based on contacts with phone numbers, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in Spain and has millions of users in our country. However, in addition to the basic functions, the application has some more advanced tricks that will allow us to handle the application like a professional.

In the advice we bring you today you will learn how to quickly know which of your contacts are online at all times. Traditionally, to do this it is necessary to open the chats of the people we want to gossip one by one and see if they appear as "online" .

The "online" legend indicates that our interlocutor is currently using the application: sending messages, reviewing old conversations, sending files or simply having the application turned on at that time .

It is therefore a rudimentary way of knowing if the person to whom we are going to send the message is using the application at this time. A technique that, although it can be used in good faith, also raises numerous discussions between couples .

Find out who is online on WhatsApp quickly

The fastest way to discover which contacts are online at any time is with the Google Chrome WA Web Plus extension, which must be run in conjunction with WhatsApp Web.

To do this, using Google Chrome browser, we must install the extension in this link. Once installed (the process will take about 20 seconds) a green icon will appear with a cross next to the browser bar. At that time, we must log in to WhatsApp Web .

The Chrome extension will circle the photo of all our contacts online at that time with a green circle .

In addition, the extension for WhatsApp Web allows us other very useful options in the office or to avoid prying eyes such as hiding by default the name of our contacts, their profile photos and the content of the conversations. This information will appear blurred and will only be shown if we pass the mouse of our computer .

Find out when and how much WhatsApp your contacts use

While the Chrome extension only offers us real-time information, there are other options that provide us with data and statistics about our contacts on WhatsApp. One of them is the WhatsLog application : online last seen .

This application offers detailed statistics of the connections of our contacts through graphics and texts, which will allow us to monitor the behavior of other WhatsApp users .

Although it is a paid application, it has a free trial period that is easily extended. In addition, if any user chooses to pay, they can also receive personalized notifications with information about their contacts' connections .

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