The Public Prosecution Service (OM) demanded on appeal four years in prison, one of which was conditional, against a person from Eindhoven. The suspect would have committed online fraud on a large scale between 2012 and 2016.

With the demand, the OM agrees with the punishment that the Leeuwarden court already imposed on it in June last year.

The suspect has tapped "login data of people" on a very large scale, writes the OM. The man did this by building and managing webshops himself, to which he had linked an illegal program. This allowed him to read the login name and password of the customer.

The Eindhovenaar then abused the fact that many people use the same login details for different websites and services. He then placed orders with other web shops.

"Suspect cheated on acquaintances of victims"

The OM writes that the suspect also logged in to hundreds of Facebook accounts. He then got under the skin of the owners of the accounts and asked acquaintances of the victims for money.

"His working method was professional and sophisticated, with a total lack of empathy for his victims," ​​says the Advocate General, the public prosecutor.

More than 22,000 login names and associated passwords were found on the suspect's laptop. The Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal will rule in Zwolle in two weeks.