Xiaomi will produce a new phone from December with a screen-to-home ratio of 180.6 percent, the Chinese manufacturer reported Tuesday in a blog post. This means that the back and sides of the phone also consist of a screen.

The screen of the phone, called Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, is only interrupted by a narrow strip for the camera and antennas.

There are no more physical volume buttons on the phone. Instead, the volume can be adjusted by tapping the screen.

The camera of the phone has 108 megapixels. This was developed by Samsung in collaboration with Xiaomi. In addition, the phone has a macro lens and a telephoto lens.

Xiaomi indicates that the phone will be produced on a small scale from December. It is not yet known whether the telephone will be for sale in the Netherlands. In China, the telephone will cost 19,999 yuan (around 2,560 euros).