Apple has released iPadOS 13.1 on Tuesday. It is the first operating system from Apple that is specifically made for iPads. IOS 13.1 has also become available, a few days after the first version of iOS 13 appeared.

The update for iPadOS is available for the iPad Air 2 and newer versions and the iPad Pro. In addition, the software can be installed on the iPad mini 4 and newer versions thereof.

Although it is the first version of iPadOS, the name 13.1 is used. The name is therefore in line with iOS 13.1, also released on Tuesday. Previously, iPads worked just like iPhones with iOS.

With iPadOS, Apple tablets get more features that can be used exclusively on the iPad. This way, more apps fit on the screen and widgets can be placed around the home screen. In addition, it is easier to use multiple apps next to each other.

In addition to iPadOS, Apple also released iOS 13.1. This update appears shortly after the first version of iOS 13 was released. IOS 13.1 solves various errors. The update also offers new functions, such as reading messages from Siri and support for HomeKit in the Siri Shortcuts app.