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Apps of the week: Erbij and Exit the Gungeon


Travel through life-threatening lifts through a dungeon in Exit the Gungeon and easily make appointments with friends thanks to Erbij.

Travel through life- threatening lifts through a dungeon in Exit the Gungeon and easily make appointments with friends thanks to Erbij.

Exit the Gungeon

You can play the sequel to the popular indie game Enter the Gungeon on an iPhone or iPad. In Exit the Gungeon you take on the role of a pixel figure that jumps and shoots its way out of a meter-deep dungeon. The focus is on rolling and jumping at the right moment, because it allows you to avoid the bullet rains of enemies.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you have mastered the controls, this is a great game to play 'just ten minutes' and then stay busy for half an hour.

Exit the Gungeon appears exclusively on Apple Arcade, Apple's new gaming service. Subscribers to Apple Arcade pay 5 euros per month to access all games, including Exit the Gungeon .

Download Exit the Gungeon for iOS (with an Apple Arcade subscription)


View the Exit the Gungeon trailer here

Pocket Casts

The popular app Pocket Casts is now free to download. The separate purchase price of 2.99 euros on iOS and 4.49 euros on Android makes way for Pocket Casts Plus: a subscription service that unlocks extra functions.

Plus users get access to 10GB of cloud storage to store podcasts and to shape the app itself with themes and app icons. If you have already purchased the Pocket Casts desktop app, you will get free access to the Plus version. Such an arrangement does not apply to users who bought the mobile app.

Pocket Casts is a popular podcast app because of the clear design, the extensive statistics and options you have to tailor the app to the way you prefer to listen to podcasts.

Download Pocket Casts for Android or iOS (free)

In addition

Keeping your own agenda can be a challenge, let alone if you do that for several people. Dutch app Erbij wants to make it easier to organize things, invite people and see at a glance who will and will not be present at a meeting.

This makes Erbij suitable for meetings, sports competitions and birthdays, for example. By creating a team with your friends or colleagues you can automatically send invitations, so you don't have to do this manually.

There is free to use and also has a web version. There is, however, a donation button available to support the developers. To use the app you can log in with Facebook, Google or a separate Erbij account.

Download Erbij for Android or iOS (free)

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