Twitter has suspended 4,258 fake accounts from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the platform writes on its blog on Friday. The accounts posted messages on regional issues such as the Yemeni civil war and the Houthi movement.

The platform also announces that it has removed 267 accounts from the UAE and Egypt. According to Twitter, these accounts had the common goal of influencing public opinion in Qatar and Iran, among others. The accounts also reinforced messages that supported the Saudi government.

In other countries too, Twitter recently deleted hundreds of accounts that fostered political divisions. In Spain, 259 fake accounts were withdrawn from the air that spread messages from the right-wing party Partido Popular.

Earlier this year, Twitter removed a network of 1,019 accounts in Ecuador, linked to the political party PAIS Alliance. In August, the company removed more than 200,000 Chinese fake accounts that were divisive about the Hong Kong protest movement.