As stated in the press service of the department, we are talking about combat reports, operational directives, award documents for the soldiers of the Red Army, evidence of the atrocities of the German invaders in Estonia and newspapers of those years.

All this, as noted by the Ministry of Defense, tells in detail about the main events of the Tallinn offensive and truthfully conveys the solemn atmosphere of the liberation of the capital of Estonia by the parts of the Red Army of the city of Tallinn in September 1944.

The ministry’s website has launched a new multimedia section “Tallinn Liberation ...” with unique declassified documents from the funds of the Central Archive of the military department.

For example, it contains combat reports and operational reports of the Chief of Staff of the Leningrad Front, Colonel General Popov.

The documents indicate the time when the Red Army entered Tallinn.

“At 14:00, the motorized detachment of the 466th Infantry Regiment of the 125th Infantry Division, the 14th Infantry Regiment of the 72nd Infantry Division and tank groups broke into Tallinn and completely captured the city - a strong German stronghold on the Baltic Sea coast and an important military and a trading port, ”says combat report No. 1360 of 09/22/1944.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense declassified the documents on the release of Bucharest.

The Office also opened a section in which declassified documents about the events of the eve and the initial period of the Second World War are presented.