The game Call of Duty: Mobile appears on October 1 in the app stores of Android and iOS smartphones, publisher Activision announced on its website on Wednesday.

The game contains various elements from previous Call of Duty games. The well-known Nuketown playing field is also home to the mobile version.

Players can experience the game in different game modes. In addition to a team-by-team variant, the popular battleroyal mode can also be found. A hundred players compete against each other until the last one remains.

Remarkably enough, Belgium - alongside China and Vietnam - is one of the countries where the game does not appear in the app stores. This may indicate the presence of so-called loot boxes: virtual treasure boxes with which players can win random items or other expansions.

The gambling authority in Belgium is taking strong action against the form of gambling. According to the Gaming Commission, lottery boxes for which players have to pay are a game of chance. Game publishers are therefore not allowed to use these in their games without a license.

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