Oracle, a specialized company in software, databases, systems and enterprise solutions, unveiled the first operating system of its kind in the world of computers and information technology, based on the concept of «self-leadership», and work completely independent, away from human intervention, in terms of procedures and steps Adjust, operate, manage, fix bugs while working, as well as protections, detect attacks and vulnerabilities, and implement security updates naturally, without having to pause for a moment.

Larry Allison, the company's founder and technology director, said at the company's annual conference, which ends today, that the new operating system is named «Oracle Linux self-driving».

A milestone

Oracle, through the conference page on its official website, described its new system as a "milestone" in the process of computer operating systems, and in the company's strategy for the concept of autonomous operation and independent leadership of various devices, systems and software.

She explained that it is dedicated to working with powerful servers operating in the field of cloud computing services, and is fully integrated with the new Oracle Administrative Service, which includes a package of applications and systems based on the concept of «self-leadership» and independence, such as autonomous self-operating databases High-level, smart, self-running infrastructure.

The self-driving operating system complements the system and paves the way for the second generation of cloud computing, which provides organizations and businesses with unprecedented levels of high reliability and security services, availability and continuity.

Public cloud

In his keynote address to the conference, Allison summarized Oracle's vision of "self-driving" software, systems and services by saying that «the company seeks to provide the first public cloud in the world fully independent, ensuring its users with high performance, high reliability and security, becoming the first and only operating environment "To get rid of complexity and human error, to provide unprecedented cost and security savings."

Cure error

Wim Cockertz, Senior Vice President of Oracle Operating Systems and Virtualization Engineering, said: “Maintaining corrected and secure systems is one of the biggest ongoing challenges facing IT today, but the concept of autonomous leadership presents an effective solution to these challenges. "It basically deals with repetitive, boring tasks, which are usually error-prone, especially human error, and are difficult to manage in large-scale cloud environments."

"Using Oracle Linux self-driving system, enterprise and corporate customers can rely on independent capabilities to help make their systems secure and highly available, largely free from cyberattacks," he said.

Advantages and characteristics

He introduced a set of features and advantages of the new leadership system, including that he uses advanced learning capabilities and an independent mechanism to deliver unprecedented cost savings, security and availability, and free critical IT resources to address further strategic initiatives.

He added that the new system achieves the elimination of manual management of the operating system, as it implements automatic correction procedures, updates and tuning without human intervention based on the image of «Oracle Linux» pre-configured, and also performs daily package updates automatically, and improves the operating system settings, in addition to providing In-depth automatic protection at all levels.

The concept of self-driving in the new operating system makes the system achieve a total cost of ownership of between 30% and 50%, compared to the cost of other cloud service providers, he said, noting that this includes the base price, maintenance, operation, repair and periodic updating costs.

Great move

Adding self-leadership capabilities to the operating system layer, with future plans to expand beyond infrastructure programs, is a major step towards meeting the challenges, IDC vice president of open software at IDC Global Research and Consulting said. Faced by all customers and technical users at the moment.

The transformation of the operating system into an autonomous, self-service service, freeing enterprises and companies from focusing their IT resources on application, trial and error, helping them to deliver real competitive differentiation.