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The greatest cyber-scammer in the history of Spain , JAF, a 23-year-old man detained a few months ago in Madrid, adds to the sentences that already weigh on him another two years that has been imposed by a court in Ponferrada for cheating a roommate , have informed Efe judicial sources.

During the trial for this cause, held on July 24, the defendant pleaded guilty to having scammed a roommate in 2017 after obtaining the bank details of a credit card of the girl with whom he made purchases online .

He did it for months after the young woman's father, who was the one who paid the expenses, realized , although he did notice when the scammer acquired a series of appliances from that account, with a lump sum, 5,000 euros, which added at 1,800 in other equipment uncovered the plot.

The Civil Guard arrested JAF in Madrid in July after almost a year following him on the trail as the greatest cyber-scatter in the history of Spain.

The young man managed to manage income of up to 300,000 euros a month and had an important criminal group under his orders.

Operation Lupine was left with 45 detainees for "online" fraud to 2,400 victims .

The scams were committed by the sale of electronics products - video consoles and mobile phones, especially in fraudulent online stores, through websites copied from other legal and prestigious ones.

These false pages were short-lived, becoming active only one weekend to disappear quickly without a trace.

But that little time, and with an intense advertising campaign and greedy offers , they managed to capture many buyers.

Agents tracked 30 different "online" stores managed by this young man and his collaborators, who captured potential customers in buy-sell portals and from them "redirected" them to their fraudulent pages.

In addition to mobile phones and game consoles, the pages offered other products depending on the season , such as air conditioners or heating oil.

Almost a year has been the UCO group behind this young man, but it is believed that at least three years had committed various scams , although the most used was the payment of the product chosen by bank transfer.

To do this, he had numerous accounts, in the name of young people who were collected in exchange for some significant amounts of money for providing their data.

This criminal took "exaggerated" security measures, according to the Civil Guard , and used different identities, never lived more than a week at the same address and usually chose hotels and apart-hotels in Madrid capital and nearby towns of Las Rozas and Majadahonda

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