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iPhone 11: Just do not become a toaster


The new iPhones take the best photos, run faster and longer. But they show: Smartphones become toasters - you have and the old one still holds. A problem for Apple?

Do you love your toaster?

Probably not - you do not love a toaster, you have a toaster. He is there because you just need one. They would hardly call him amazing , groundbreaking or innovative. He's just roasting bread. And they probably would not buy a new one, if their age still does. So it is now a bit with smartphones: Almost everyone has one, and if it does not fall into the toilet or smashed on the asphalt, many think: still fits.

There are three reasons, two of which have something to do with Apple's iPhone. Firstly, smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, but many users do not exploit this at all: reading e-mails and wiping through Instagram can also be done on a worn-out device. Second, just Apple supports many old iPhone models with current software - the upcoming operating system iOS 13 will also run on the four years ago released iPhone 6S. And thirdly, iPhones are getting more expensive - the strongest iPhone costs at least € 1,149.

Apple makes itself competition. In the smartphone market is no longer the new big thing from Samsung or Huawei a danger, but the last or penultimate iPhone. On the one hand, satisfied customers are great - they remain loyal. But on the other hand, the own customers should not be too satisfied; otherwise they will not buy anything anymore.

Which brings us to the new iPhones. Apple presented new iPhone models at its headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday evening ( read more in our live blog ). And there it shows how much the company is trying to prevent their iPhone from becoming an expensive toaster.

Reliable, but not so desirable

Probably, to encourage more people to buy, the iPhone 11 will partly be slightly cheaper than its predecessor. Instead of 850 euros, the successor to the XR will cost 800 euros. This is already a big step for Apple, whose prices usually only go up. For the iPhone 11 Pro, however, with three cameras on the back, customers have to put 349 euros on it.

Also, that Apple now puts so much emphasis on the battery life (all new iPhone models last longer than their predecessors) or water resistance (up to 30 minutes in two meters, the new iPhones consider it, the Pro models even in four Meters) shows that the company has understood what its customers want: a device that you always have with you should above all be reliable, able to do a lot and be there for you.

Apple Chef Tim Cook and his marketing boss Phil Schiller wrapped up this thoroughly enjoyable, but also not revolutionary news in the very opulent rhetoric usual for Apple - the new iPhone 11 of course has the most powerful processor in the world, making the best videos of all smartphones and is supposed to be the best thing the world has seen this year.

But what if people buy fewer and fewer iPhones? For the first time in seven years, Apple made in the past quarter with the iPhone less than 50 percent of its revenue. In a world where devices become less important, Apple loses. Because it always earned its money so that people bought expensive hardware - the software is free. But if Netflix runs everywhere, on the TV, the Android phone, the Mac, PC and in the browser, who needs a slowly getting better iPhone?

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