Apple has announced the new iPhones: the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

The new iPhone 11 follows the iPhone XR and has two camera lenses on the back, both with 12 megapixel resolutions. The top camera is a wide-angle lens, while the bottom offers ultrawide.

That is an upgrade compared to the XR, which only had one camera on the back. The device is again offered in multiple colors.

The camera now supports a special night mode, in which well-exposed photos can be taken when there is little light. Apple uses special software to better capture the image without blurring it.

The new iPhone runs on the A13 Bionic, an improved processor that must be a lot faster than the A12 in previous iPhones. Apple promises that the battery runtime will be an hour longer than with the iPhone XR.

Apple is going to sell the iPhone 11 for $ 699. It is not yet known what it will cost in the Netherlands.

iPhone 11 Pro

The new iPhone 11 Pro is a more advanced model that follows the iPhone XS. There are three cameras on the back of the device. The device comes in gray, silver and gold, plus a new dark green color.

The new OLED display has 458 pixels per inch and a wide color range. According to the tech giant, this screen is better than a regular retinal screen, which means that Apple calls it a Super Retina XDR screen.

Apple has abandoned its 3D Touch screen that detects the intensity of touches. The 11 Pro uses Haptic Touch, whereby you have to press the screen longer.

The iPhone 11 Pro runs on the same A13 chip as the regular iPhone 11. The battery life is on average four hours higher than with the iPhone XS.

New Apple Watch and iPad

Earlier during the presentation, a new Apple Watch was also shown, the screen of which is always on. This watch will be sold from September 20.

A new model of the iPad will be released at the end of September. This 10.2 inch tablet costs $ 329.

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Apple Arcade

The tech giant also showed new games for its Apple Arcade subscription service, where customers pay a fixed monthly fee to play a selection of games. The subscription service starts on September 19 and costs $ 5 a month. A euro price was not disclosed.

Apple will include a sequel to the classic Frogger, plus the underwater game Shinsekai. In Sayonara Wild Hearts, players race through a neon city tailored to the music.

Apple TV +

The new Apple streaming service for TV series and films will start on November 1, the company promises. This subscription also costs $ 5 a month. A euro price has not yet been announced.

If you buy a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, you will receive an annual subscription to the streaming service for free.

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