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The Californian leads the sequel to the adaptation to the big screen of one of the most chilling horror stories written by Stephen King

The action in It: Chapter 2 starts 27 years after the events in It (2017). Now, the demonic clown Pennywise reappears on the scene , which will bring together the same group of friends (among others, played by James McAvoy and Isaiah Mustafa) who faced him when they were only teenagers in order to try to end him for forever. In this film directed by Andy Muschietti, Jessica Chastain (Sacramento, California, 1977) gives life to Beverly Marsh, the protagonist of a story based on a famous novel written by Stephen King that already had, in 1990, another adaptation to the big screen.

'It: Chapter 2' trailer

Do you like Stephen King's novels? Yes, I have read many of his books. I started with Animal Cemetery and from there I went to The Shining and Misery . In the latter I loved that the protagonist was called Misery Chastain! So what has it meant for you to be part of It: Chapter 2 ? It has meant a lot to me. I love Beverly's character almost as much as I liked the interpretation Sophia Lillis performed two years ago. By the way, how was the experience of meeting Sophia Lillis? Very special because I admire her. In fact, I have to admit that I looked hard at his work to play Beverly in his adult version. What situation is Beverly when we see her again 27 years later? Poor Beverly continues to suffer in a manner similar to how her father's abuses lived during the previous movie. I think she is confused when it comes to the concept of love.

Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) does his thing again.

How did you prepare for the scene where Beverly ends up in a blood shower? The truth is that there is no way to prepare such a scene. First we test it with water. But it is not the same, since the water is transparent and its texture is very different. The fact is that I agreed to be immersed in that viscous liquid that mimics the blood, although I told Andy Muschietti, the director, that I would do it with one condition: that he put on a white T-shirt and let me hug him at the end. So I did it! What can you say about your experience under Andy Muschietti? Andy is a filmmaker with a lot of personality and vision. Therefore, when you enter the cinema to see a movie of his, you know that it will be special. He is a true artist, not a technician. The film is quite scary, but it also has moments of humor. I think so! I remember a couple of moments when I had a hard time keeping up with the guy and enduring laughter. Above all, when people start to improvise and you don't expect what comes your way. Bill Skarsgård is terrifying again as the Pennywise clown ... It scared me before filming began, when we read the group script.

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