Sales of new diesel cars in the European Union fell sharply in the second quarter, while sales of petrol cars and electric-powered vehicles are growing. This is according to figures from the European car industry organization ACEA on Wednesday.

Demand for diesel cars fell by more than 16 percent in the second quarter compared to last year. With the decrease, the market share of diesel vehicles drops to 31.3 percent. Last year that was 36.3 percent.

More people chose petrol cars. Sales increased by 1.7 percent to a market share of 59.5 percent. Last year that was 56.7 percent.

The market share of cars on alternative fuels in the EU increased from 7 to 9.2 percent. This includes electric cars, hybrid cars with or without a plug and LPG cars. Sales of these types of vehicles jumped by more than 28 percent, with strong growth in the electrical field in particular (35.6 percent).